Monday, January 18, 2010

Cricut Expression Bundles

The Cricut Expression was first introduced Feb.5th, 2007. Since then it has taken the crafting world to new extremes. There is so much that you can do with this die-cut machine. You can cut cardstock, vellum, chipboard, thin metals, poster board, vinyl, and light materials, anything that is .7mm and thinner. The machine also has 120 different cartridges that you can buy separately. It also has these modes: quantity, auto-fill, fit to page, fit to length, mix and match, portrait, multi-cut, flip return and center point.

The Pink Journey Bundle was a limited addition unit that was done for Breast cancer, with 50.00 dollars from each sale going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This unit has pink on the sides, the dials are pink and the touch pad is pink. It also comes with an exclusive cartridge- The Pink Journey, which has images for breast cancer.

The red unit has all of the same features that the off-white and gray original machine, but comes with Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, and the rare Serenade cartridge, not sold separately. You can use all of the other cartridges with this machine also.

The green bundle is a very pretty almost emerald green. The only parts that are white are the dials, buttons and a little on the sides. It comes with two cartridges: Plantin Schoolbook and the exclusive Serenade solutions cartridge.

Just like the green bundle, the black unit is all black with just touches of white. It is a very sleek and elegant looking machine. It also has the two cartridges: Plantin Schoolbook and excusive Serenade solutions cartridge.

The blue bundle is a very rich, regal blue. The dials and the sides are silver in color. This unit also comes with the Plantin Cartridge and the Serenade solutions cartridge.

Yourstory blue bundle is white with a medium blue coloring on the dials, cover, around the display screen and on the sides. This unit comes with the Storybook cartridge and Plantin schoolbook cartridge. This unit also matches the colors of the Yourstory machine.

Fast, fun and easy that is what you will get with this machine. The things you can create and the ways you can decorate are endless. You could buy a greeting card at the store, or make one adding your own touch with this machine. You can create vinyl lettering for your home. You can etch using the vinyl and create wedding and anniversary presents. You can make vinyl decorations for your garden; put vinyl images on stones in your garden. You can decorate your mailbox; even redo your house number on mailbox. You can make fabric gifts with this machine, like quilts with matching pillows. If you are a teacher, you can create flashcards, awards, letters and numbers to decorate your classroom. If you have school aged children this is a great way to help them with their science fair project and book reports. There is no computer required with this machine, and is backed with a warranty.

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